This exhibition presents a multicultural concept that displays the typical colors of the regions in Indonesia, namely red, green, and yellow.
The light green color is taken from the Javanese palace, dark red from the typical Toraja Sulawesi cloth, and yellow from the daily culture in Bali.
There is a mascot that characterizes the Visual Posko this year, namely a character named Pipo.
Pipo is visualized in red, yellow, and green cartoon illustrations inspired by various Indonesian traditional clothes combined into one.

The works in the Visual Post, apart from being exhibited, are also for sale.
There are several categories on display, namely product design, branding, photography, videography, and so on.
Works in digital form are displayed on laptop or screen media.
Product designs exhibited by clothes, bags, masks, story books, as well as stickers
The results of his work also vary, some use bright colors, some are dark but still with Indonesian elements so that Indonesian cultural values ​​are conveyed through the works created.
That’s because every artist has their own character in creating works.

The unique part is that the exhibited works also collaborate with other universities such as Dayeh University, China, so that visitors can also see works from outside Indonesia.
In addition to the exhibition, there were also several talk shows, one of which was from a Yogyakarta designer whose work has been worldwide, explaining tips and tricks for making posters on an international scale, so that apart from viewing the exhibition, visitors can also gain knowledge from the talk shows held.