POSKO VISUAL is an annual innovative art exhibition to disclose works and familiarize them with the global community. It serves as a space for all creatives to create an innovative collaboration in the creative industry. This exhibition is proudly held by year three Visual Communication Design undergraduates of Universitas Negeri Malang. Since 2013, POSKO VISUAL has offered various unique concepts, which included workshops, webinars, and other ingenious collaborations. POSKO VISUAL is expected to reach a broader range of global designers and become a reliable forum for all creatives to present their best contributions.
POSKO VISUAL MEMORABILIA is centered around memories of when we had much fewer responsibilities. Our childhood is meant to be cherished and remembered, as each of us is going through adulting. MEMORABILIA hopes that we do not lose ourselves on our journey and still be able to look to the roots of why we create and design.
The word MEMORABILIA itself is full of intention that the POSKO VISUAL will be something that could be remembered and give insight, inspiration, and new experiences to all participants. Each work is hoped to bridge the designer/artist with the audience, which connects all of us to memories of our past.
The theme of this year’s POSKO VISUAL is “The Past,” or a period that is worth remembering or even not the so-good ones. The reference word for the work is “Childhood/Young Age.”